Our department, in designated classrooms in Weymouth House, aims to foster and encourage enthusiasm and passion in the study of English language and literature. It recognises pupils are empowered by an ability to command the language orally, in writing and through being able to understand fully what is written. English is not just a core subject, but the heart of our culture, spirituality and interaction with others.

The English Department strives to improve and extend pupils in five key areas of writing: crafting the language for effect; shaping writing to suit the purpose; organising sentences and paragraphs; accuracy in punctuation and grammar; and appreciating and developing vocabulary.  For reading, pupils focus on understanding not only what is read, but also how the way a text is written and presented, depending on the context, adds meaning.

Facilities Available

5 classrooms in Weymouth House with access to interactive whiteboards.

Examination boards

  • Cie IGCSE English Language 0500 and Cie IGCSE English Literature 0486
  • AQA English Literature A AS and A Level English Literature
  • AQA English Language GCSE 8700 and AQA English Literature GCSE 8702

Co-Curricular Activities

  • Creative Writing Club
  • Trips to the theatre
  • Visiting authors
  • English Speaking Union and Rotary Club Youth Speaks debating and speaking competitions