Computer Science is all about solving problems. The computers that we use need to be given instructions, usually in the form of a program. This program will feature at least one algorithm, a procedure for carrying out some action. Learning how to design efficient and elegant algorithms is the key to Computer Science but the skills involved are transferable to whole host of subject areas.

Pupils follow three strands:

Computer Science – programming and theoretical concepts, Unity game programming
Digital literacy – the use of standard office software, email and eSafety
Creative Media – web design, multimedia

Many pupils opt to study GCSE Computer Science and A Level Computer Science is an option open to pupils in the Sixth Form.

All pupils are introduced to the programming language Python, which is the language of choice for GCSE.  We then switch to C# for A Level.

Facilities Available

  • Three computer rooms, each with 20 workstations, printing facilities and projectors
  • A set of Raspberry Pis

Examination Boards

  •  IGCSE Computer Science, Cambridge (0984)
  • A Level Computer Science – AQA 7517

Co-curricular Activities