Autumn Term 2018
Staff Inset Monday 3 September
Boarders return Tuesday 4 September
Day pupils return Wednesday 5 September
1st Quiet Weekend  Saturday-Sunday 29/30 September
Open Morning Saturday 6 October
Two week half term begins Friday 19 October
Boarders return Sunday 4 November
Day pupils return Monday 5 November
2nd Quiet Weekend Saturday-Sunday 24/25 November
Term ends Friday 14 December
Spring Term 2019
Staff Inset Friday 4 January
Boarders return Sunday 6 January
Day pupils return Monday 7 January
Quiet Weekend Saturday-Sunday 26/27 January
Half Term begins Friday 15 February
Boarders return Sunday 24 February
Day pupils return Monday 25 February
Term ends Friday 29 March
Summer Term 2019
Staff Inset Tuesday 23 April
Boarders return Tuesday 23 April
Day pupils return Wednesday 24 April
Open Day Saturday 27 April
Quiet Weekend Saturday-Monday 4-6 May
Speech Day/Half Term Saturday 25 May
Boarders return Sunday 2 June
Day pupils return Monday 3 June
Term ends Friday 5 July

On Open Morning and Speech Day, pupils may leave after 1.30pm.

At the start of Quiet Weekends, pupils may leave at 5.00pm on Friday

At the start of half term and end of term, pupils may leave at 4.00pm.

*Quiet Weekends have replaced traditional exeats. On Quiet Weekends, boarders may return home or go to host families on a Friday evening. The boarding houses and dining hall remain open, with no sports fixtures or activities on offer.