Our teaching and non teaching staff lead such busy lives that we are always in awe of those who choose to spend their spend time training for marathons!  Miss Wood, Matron of St Deny's boarding house, is taking on the challenge of running the London Marathon in April this year. Remarkably not for the first time, this will be her second time running, having run in 2012 for the charity 'Getkidsgoing', a remarkable charity which provides specialist equipment for children with disabilities, enabling them to participate in sport.  This time however, she will be running for the charity Refuge, which supports victims of domestic violence.

Miss Wood explains why she is bravely picking up her running shoes again, “Having been personally affected by domestic violence for 11 years, I am so lucky that at that crucial time I was so fortunate to have family to run to, yet others are not so lucky. I wish to help, as much as I can, to provide a safe haven for those affected by domestic violence, so they too are given the chance to re-start their lives again, giving them the opportunity live a happy and safe life, away from any potential harm.”  Since restarting her life, Miss Wood has attended university and gained a sports degree, learnt to drive and qualified as a Level 2 hockey and netball coach, and all this whilst working and being a single mother.    

“I am so grateful for any donation – no matter how large or small, I know just how gratefully it will be received. The services of 'Refuge' provide a safe environment for people to escape to, giving them the opportunity to re-start, and re-build their lives in safety.  It is a truly worthwhile cause,”  Miss Wood explains, “As I know myself, a safe refuge can change a person's life.”

We are so proud of you Miss Wood. Good luck with the training!

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