This week at Warminster Prep it was History Day! Everybody (yes, all the staff too) were dressed up in Roman costumes. We had many Goddesses and Roman Soldiers walking to School in the morning and they must have turned a few heads…

All the children from Reception to Year 6 were split vertically into 5 different Legions. The staff were allocated between each of those Legions and activities had been meticulously planned by Miss Williams. There were activities such as mosaic making, shield sculpting, Latin writing, Roman Soldier training and creating Roman Army Standards. In addition to this, every Legion had the excitement of meeting a Roman Soldier called Artorious who also visited Nursery. They were captivated especially when the conversation took the path of Artorious fighting dinosaur pirates.

Everybody enjoyed and got thoroughly stuck into all the fun activities. Class, age or costume really didn’t matter – but conversation, team work, learning together and having fun did. To sum it up, this exciting and educational day was a huge success as you can see from the photographs taken.

Miss Williams

Topical Warminster fact: Did you know Warminster's alumni, known as Old Verlucians – originates from the Roman name for Warminster, Verlucia?