An exciting new addition to the Music Department’s stable of events is the Summer Rock, Pop and Jazz night.

If you enjoyed A Cabaret, get your ticket booked for this evening of musical treats!

You will be pleased to know that some of the favourite acts from A Cabaret are featuring in the evening as well as some new faces and EVEN some staff members in their own group! What’s not to like about that?

The pupils AND staff are still going through the audition process so prepare yourself for some surprises. As you walk past the “rocking” music department at break, lunchtime or even between lessons the sounds of performers airing their latest song drifts out to meet you.

Poonpan in Year 9 (a celebrity in Thailand in a pop band) has joined forces with the Ben Drummond Band – can’t wait to hear what they will be performing!

A long standing favourite, Jazz Band will be playing as well as The Fantastic Four (featuring Barnaby Craven-Smith).

If this hasn’t whetted your appetite for the night, we may have the final performance from the Headmaster in the Ukulele Band.

Only £7 a ticket for all of the above and a pie and a drink too!

Caroline Robinson, Director of Music