Sam Evans, Year 8, Heads Up Hack, shares the latest news from the Red Lion’s Racing Club and their kit car ” breaks away!”

May is an exciting month this year, not just because it marks the beginning of summer, but because the engineering club, alias Red Lions Racing, have their debut race with their kit car. Let’s go back a bit and find out more about this group.

During the winter term of 2018, the engineering club, currently supported by Mr Mercer and Mr Oxenham, took on a challenge. It was to build an electric kit car, supplied by the Greenpower Trust, which upon completion will be raced around circuits all over the UK. The race programme is called F24 Greenpower, created to give young engineers the skills to work in the automotive industry, whilst having lots of fun at the same time!

All of the members are really passionate; “Every Friday morning I wake up and I can’t wait to progress on the car” and this is how one member would describe the process of building the car, “tough but very rewarding,”  whilst another describes it as “I learn something new every time I go to engineering.“

Some of you may have noticed a garage near the car park? This is now home to the engineering team. They have cleaned it out and plan to put in a desk, some shelves and most importantly lighting! Head of this mini project is the engineering marketing team. They are the ones designing the interior of the garage, selecting the race gear and writing letters to possible sponsors to support us in reaching our goals.

The team is now at the stage where they have finished all the mechanics and are in the process of learning how to make a fibreglass mould to put over the car. Aerodynamics takes a key role in this, so it is lucky we have two physicians heading up the group!

As you may be able to see by now, the F24 Greenpower Competition is no mean feat, as the young engineers have their work cut out behind the scenes as well as building the car. They are all looking forward to racing the car, and we would appreciate your support trackside too! The Red Lion’s first race will be announced soon, and they would love to see you there!

Sam Evans, Year 8 Heads Up Hack