An update from the WSPA Chair, Debbie Kennett.

Hasn't this year already got off to a very exciting start! I do believe we would be hard pressed to think of a previous year with so many accomplishments already under its belt by the first half term: Prep Rugby/Hockey Festival, Welcome Back Drinks with the Headmaster, French Exchange Programme, Prep School Halloween Disco, EXCEPTIONAL mufti/bake sale fundraiser for Ted's Big Day Out, educational outings galore, CCF weekend exercise and a thrilling music tour in Catalonia!

However, we wouldn't want anyone to think the excitement might taper off in any way…  so, grab your wellies, snuggly coats and a torch and get ready for the 2019 WSPA Fireworks Festival on Friday 8 November.   

And, the fun doesn't stop there… before the end of term, we will also be inviting you to two more festive events.  The holiday season will start with the magical WSPA Christmas Market on Saturday 30 November, bringing you a bounty of festive stalls to find some very special gifts.  To wrap up 2019, we will be hosting the annual WSPA Christmas Dinner Dance on Saturday 7 December.  Remember to be very good, as Santa might drop in and check on us!

We look forward to welcoming you to all of our upcoming events and hope you will enjoy attending them as much as we enjoy organising them.

For details of WSPA events please contact [email protected]