We are delighted to sponsor the new 2018 Wiltshire Life Award: Local Hero of the Year.

The Wiltshire Life Awards, organised by Wiltshire Life Magazine, make a welcome return in 2018, and recognise creative endeavour, bravery, community spirit, business acumen and young entrepreneurship and sportsmanship.

The introduction of this new award will recognise a hardworking unsung hero at the heart of community life and this strikes a chord with us here at Warminster.

At Warminster, we believe that it is our sense of community, mutual support and happy atmosphere that set us apart. Almost everyone who visits us comments on it; it is a vital feature of the School and one that we cherish. It is genuine, authentic and impossible to contrive.

We pride ourselves on this sense of community and a culture of encouragement and participation in which it is ok to struggle or even fail sometimes. What matters is how one responds and bounces back.

Warminster is a beautiful school, but schools are not, primarily, about buildings and facilities but about people and relationships. Being part of a community means that everyone has to contribute and play his or her part: giving as well as receiving.

We are fortunate that we have many dedicated individuals here at Warminster to make our community thrive and flourish, putting others and charities first before themselves – we look forward to seeing the many nominations for this important new Wiltshire Life Award.

“One of the great privileges of being the Headmaster of Warminster School is the regularity with which I have the chance to meet inspirational and incredible members of the local community. I am often amazed by their stories and their selfless sense of service to others. I believe that this is a real strength of the local area. I am delighted that, in a small way, the School is able to help recognise them.”  Mark Mortimer