The Library at Warminster is at the hub of the community. Pupils gather here at break times and in their study periods for independent learning, research, study and recreational reading, aided by the extensive array of both fiction and non-fiction reading matter. This comes in various guises from your traditional book, newspaper or magazine to our new E BOOK system, OverDrive.

Pupils can now download the Overdrive app to their phone, tablet or ereader and borrow and read our ebooks anywhere.

Claire Field, our Librarian commented “It’s not just the intellectual benefits that are important when it comes to reading.  Reading literature fulfils a variety of more emotional needs – it can challenge, it can thrill but it can also comfort, heal and promote understanding. I see pupils reading for all these reasons at Warminster. Each term the library produces a newsletter to showcase the new fiction that has been purchased, and now these have been added to Parent Portal so that parents/guardians can see the great range of new titles we have here in the Library.”

Head of English, Cristina George, echoed this “Pupils who read have a more varied range of words with which to express themselves.  While this is obviously helpful for academic purposes it is even more important when navigating complex human relationships.  Articulating your emotions and being able to understand what others say is critical in developing sound emotional well-being. Reading is just so much more than just reading!”

Which book will you download first?