Despite wet, blustery weather, the spirit of Warminster School’s CCF shone through and was upbeat during the recent Biennial Review.

With uniforms ironed and boots polished, the Contingent’s swelled numbers formed up on parade to be inspected by former pupil and OV, Lieutenant General Tyrone Urch CBE. The turnout was impressive; cadets stood proud and there was no obvious fidgeting. It is hard to believe how far the Contingent has come – our 23 new cadets only received their uniform one month ago! We will not mention how a green belt ended up on the grass during the final parade (I am sure nobody noticed). Thankfully the trousers did not follow suit.

Two regular Army Engagement Corporals delivered a presentation about the Army and candidly shared their personal experiences with cadets. Cadets then set about preparing stands around school with a number of activities on offer including archery, marksmanship principles, shooting on the indoor range, climbing, camouflage and concealment as well as team building activities using MTa STEM kit, which cadets can use to build the tallest tower or the most effective wheelbarrow. The afternoon finished with a parade. The General said a few words before promoting Leander, Gus and Lexie – their drill was rehearsed and slick.

Jack was congratulated on his leadership of the Contingent and presented by the Inspecting Officer with a gold commemorative coin. The General also swapped his rank slides with Jack who is now parading as a Lieutenant General. Warminster CCF today – the British Army tomorrow. Possbily the most rapid promotion in British Army history – CSgt to Lt Gen in one day!

Ange Garner, CCF Contingent Commander