After months of planning, recruitment and interviewing the day finally arrived!  Friday 24th May was Warminster School's inaugural Pupil Take-Over!

Prior to the day successful pupils worked alongside the teaching staff to plan their input into lessons. All 19 pupils planned and carried out part of, and in some cases, whole lessons across 12 areas of the School, with the teachers remaining with them at all times, monitoring and listening in!

Planning for the event started back in September when the initial idea, presented by Mrs Walmsley, was approved by the Headmaster. The takeover day was run by a team of our IB sixth form pupils – all of whom are in year two of the school's International Baccalaureate Careers Programme (IBCP). This gave the pupils (Mia Quick, CJ Kuanda, Marcello Avensani and Victor de Ridder) a valuable insight into the marketing, recruitment and interview process which is all part of their service learning element of the IBCP core syllabus.

Pupils interested in participating were required to enquire via email, complete an application form and submit a supporting letter outlining their reasons for applying and their personal strength for the roles.  It proved to be an excellent learning experience not just for our IB students but for so many pupils and staff across the School. The first pupil member of staff appointed was pupil Headmaster. This position went to Year 8 pupil, Jamie Holmes, who’s calm yet enthusiastic responses hugely impressed the sixth form panel. Jamie worked closely with the sixth form team to appoint his deputy, a fellow Year 8 pupil Archie Maclaren. On the morning of takeover day, Mr Holmes ‘Headmaster’, together with his team presented an excellent and thought provoking assembly setting the tone for what was to be a tremendous day.

Across the school, our pupils were leading and inspiring their fellow pupils.  Alex Younger – Pupil Teacher for History commented, “I worked with Miss Weeks with her Year 7 history class.  I presented a PowerPoint I had created about Μάχη των Θερμοπυλών, the battle of Thermopylae in 480bce, before giving the class a worksheet about the presentation. I asked some of the pupils in this lesson and they thought I did a good job at teaching it!”

All our pupil staff agreed that one of the hardest things was referring to staff by their first names, not to mention sitting at the staff table in the dining hall for lunch.  By then end of the day all involved were exhausted but very proud to have conquered their nerves, stepped out of the comfort zones and up to the challenge!

Applications for pupil Headteacher 2020 and her/his team will open soon.

Gillian Walmsley