On several occasions this half term we have had ‘rain stop play’. However, pupils have kept up cricket training in the sports hall and prep cricket nets. 

Even though some fixtures were cancelled lots of matches did take place.  The U9 boys cricket were two players short on Monday against Port Regis.  I was able to replace the boys with girls.  There were some huge scores made on that day by the U8 and U9 teams.  Maybe in a couple of seasons cricket will become a mixed sport?  Answers on a postcard please.

On Friday 13 May we hosted Springmead Prep for an afternoon of pre-prep sports.  It took the form of a mini Olympics, with all pupils taking part in running, hurdling, high jump, turbo javelin throwing and tennis skills.  It ended with dance on the field led by our wonderful ‘dance lady’.  It finished with over one hundred children and staff performing Gangnam Style!

On open morning, visitors were able to watch our own school Davis cup tennis event.  Children as young as 6 took part in this pre Wimbledon fun tournament.  Visiting children were also able to have a try and experience jumping over the athletics hurdles and high jump set.  A great morning of sport.

On Thursday 19 May athletes from years 3-7 joined together to take a team to the Port Regis track meet.  Some fantastic individual results.  Athletics can be very lonely out there, but the team support was amazing.  A lovely event for all those budding athletes.

Saturday 21 May despite the poor weather saw the first U11 tennis match against Leweston girls.  We have so many girls who could have been selected for this team, in fact anyone from year 6.  We look forward to Wimbledon @ Warminster near the end of term.  About fifty prep children will be invited to take part in the internal fun tournament.

On Sunday we put on a tennis fun day to raise some money for our new tennis pavilion.  Over twenty children took advantage of the coaching and fun games, and a couple of hours in the school pool.   A massive thank you to the WSPA for running the raffle and a stall with sweets and drinks.  What could be better?

There are many fixtures and events after half term which we will look forward to, including Pre-Prep and Prep Sports Day.  Year 2 to 6 children will also take part in the house aquathlon events in the last week of term.

Gay Butterworth, Head of Prep Sport