Prep School pupils are in full swing now with all their sport and clubs. Tennis coaching is up and running, with all 70 participants not worrying about cold conditions. Our youngest players are only three years old!

On 24 February the street dance club participants will be performing in the West Wilts Dance Festival  in the Forum Theatre, Bath.  This is the first year we have entered.  The basic moves are nearly complete, just lots of practising!

The new fencing club is proving to be very popular. I will report back in a few weeks to let you know how the duels are going.

Matches have been exciting, and we have yet to see Year 3 & 4 boys in action.  However, they will be ready for their first fixture on Monday 25 January against St Margaret’s Prep School.

The U10A & B and U11A & B boys all played Forres Sandle Manor, with a mixed bag of results.  The U10B team had a few players who had never played a hockey match before.  Linus Emuna running down the right wing provided much needed encouragement for everyone involved, linking together with William Mowbray (Captain) and Ben Wagstaff in the middle to produce the only goal of the game. Mr Doughty recorded that there were seven worthy winners in this team.

The U10A team played in a variety of positons as Mr Edwards looked to see who and what worked well.  Willam Candy proved to be a good defender, and made many strong challenges.  Oby Gompels was the player of the match. The team was captained well by Thomas Jones.

The U11 teams faced a difficult opposition in their first match of the season.  Forres Sandle Manor come with a strong reputation in hockey. The U11A game started well and Oliver Nathan commanded a great deal of the ball in the centre of the field. Thomas Muir made numerous darting runs down the right side and this will clearly be an avenue of success for the team as the year moves on. Oscar Waite put in a gutsy, unrelenting performance for the U11B team.

The U8 netball team played Stonar on Monday 11 January.  Rebecca Shepherd (Captain) played with great enthusiasm in all positions.  Grace Kemble always used her height well, taking balls from the opposition.  Janey Godfrey-Faussett also worked hard, as in all her sports.  Ella Kibble is proving to be a great netballer.  She reads the game so well, as it comes towards her.  A fantastic group, showing much potential.

The overall score came down to one goal in the U9 netball match against Stonar.  Sophie Heritage continued to play well in any position.  Niamh Crinion, Darcy Hunter and Ella Morgan-Nash, massively improved in confidence during this game. 

This was the U11 team’s first match of the season. They played Wells Cathedral and Stonar. Lottie Craven-Smith (Captain) scored 17 goals.  A repeat of the hockey season I feel.  Maddy Dempsey worked so well with Lottie in the shooting circle.  She showed fantastic awareness of space, and timed her moves brilliantly.  This was her first ever match!  The girls won three and lost one by only a goal.

Warminster U10 team have made such a positive start to the season.  Amelia Nicholson is available for all centre passes as WA.  She also perfected the hanging back move, so her marker ran towards the ball and she waited further back to receive it.  Anna Galpin, Sophie Kibble and Tia Smye already look experienced on the netball court, having only ever played two matches.  Rachael Shepherd was picked out by myself and Miss Townsend as having done her job as WD brilliantly.  This team won two out of their three matches, again only losing by a goal in the third match.

A brilliant week of sport at the Prep School.

Mrs Butterworth, Head of Prep Sport