So much has happened since the last round up.  We have danced at the West Wilts Festival, been on hockey and netball tour, played U11 IAPS netball, played a huge amount of matches, nearly completed over one hundred fencing matches for the house competition, hosted a touring side and are now in training for the House Cross Country event.  This event will also be combined with a ‘Race for Life’.   On Wednesday 23 March we are also spending the day supporting another good cause and skipping for the British Heart Foundation. 

A quick round up of teams starts with the U8 & U9 girl’s netball.  They have learnt to play both High 5 Netball and seven aside, and can now switch between the two.  The shooting has improved, despite a couple of our posts being blown over in the strong winds and knocked into rugby ball shapes. 

The U11 netball team has had a superb season, culminating with a win against Edge Grove touring side and some great results at the IAPS U11 event.  The team won four matches, lost four but three of them by only one goal.  They have either drawn or won the rest of their matches this season.  The U10 team have been building ready for next year.  Some huge improvements with basics, bode well for next year.  Both teams won all their matches on the recent Dorset tour.

The U8 & 9 boy’s hockey season has been superb.  Improvement in the U9B team, with many new players starting hockey this term.  The team work and level of all players in the U8 & U9A team is outstanding.  They work well together and have scored some impressive goals. 

The U10 boys have also produced some great results across both teams.  They are an extremely strong group of players and support each other.  There is nothing better than playing in a team that appreciate each other and enjoy playing.  They are aiming to be as fantastic as the boys 1stXI in the Senior School.  They have a lot to look up to!

The U11 boys have played some really good hockey.  There are some very strong players who help bring on others in the group.  I am so proud of the U11B team who have battled hard and been overwhelmed on some occasions.  However, each week they come back smiling and ready for more hockey.

The cricket and athletics seasons are nearly upon us.  We have taken delivery of a fantastic new moveable cricket net, kindly donated by Mr Craven-Smith.  He has both varieties of children who love cricket and are very good at it!

With Summer approaching, the high jump mat will come out and the athletics track will soon be marked.  We also look forward to a team tennis challenge this Saturday, where all children who have lessons with Mr Smith from year 2-6 are invited to come and play lots of matches against each other. 

Warminster Prep are on twitter so look out for Tweets and photos.  We all love sport and activities and are keen to share the fun we have!

Mrs Butterworth