A trailer tour, salted caramel ice-cream and baby bunny rabbits – your typical Pre-Prep trip out!

After a wash out week of rain we were slightly apprehensive about our visit to Pyle Farm on Thursday 8th October. We needn’t have worried as it would turn out to be a glorious day, in every way! After the short bus journey, we arrived to a warm welcome from Rachel followed by a tractor and trailer tour of the dairy farm with Paul.

We learnt about the types of cows kept, how much they eat and drink (it’s phenomenal) and how little they sleep (no more than an hour max in 24 hours) and that they have 4 stomachs. We toured the milking parlour and Ben said it sounded like a rocket starting up when the machines were switched on. We met the new calves and discovered that the milk from the farm is used to make cheese on another farm and some is kept to make the delicious ice-cream which Rachel makes herself on the farm. After trying some of the salted caramel ice-cream in production it was back to the starting place for lunch.

Once our single stomachs were filled it was time for the pumpkin patch. There was a wonderful variety of sizes, from miniature to larger than our pupils! We had enormous fun carving them after we had wheeled them in the wheelbarrows to the carving stacks outside before coming back for an ice-cream cone and a cuddle with 4 day out bunny rabbits. Their eyes weren’t even open yet.

We really did have the most enormous fun and the sun shone beautifully. Thank you to Rachel and Paul for their hospitality and we cannot wait for another visit to Pyle Farm.

Michelle Finnigan​, KS1 Teacher