Pre-Prep panto trip

Pre-Prep panto trip

Those who came to the the production of Born in a Barn (see photo, above) will no doubt agree how amazing all the children were in show. As a special Christmas treat, we were delighted to reward their dedication and hard work with a trip to the pantomime. So, on the last Monday of term, the whole of the Pre-Prep were full of bubbly excitement as they went to watch Mother Goose at The Salisbury Play House. 

Mother Goose proved to be a lovely traditional pantomime that had the children, not to mention the teachers, participating from the outset. The children really enjoyed the story about the poor old lady's discovery of a goose that lays golden eggs, as well as its clear moral: beauty and wealth can't bring you happiness. Clever, gentle comedy ran throughout and the songs were just right for singing or clapping along to. The children loved Billy Button, Mother Goose and, of course, the adorable Priscilla (the Goose).

Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable day and spent a lot of time sharing their favourite moments:

Katie (Reception) – “When the baddie lady came out it was a bit scary but we all said 'boo!' to her.”

Harriet (Reception) – “I liked Priscilla, the goose that laid the golden eggs, because she was really pretty and did nice dancing.”

Rebecca (Year 2) – “I loved it when we had to shout 'Billy Button!'”

Brishen (Year 1) – “My favourite part was the baddie. It was really funny when the baddie pressed the button because the siren went off and it was really loud.”

Topsy (Year 2) – “The goose looked like a ballerina, dancing on her toes.”

Jennifer Howerd
Year 2 Class Teacher