The A Level PE pupils had the pleasure of watching Jonathan Maitland's new play, Deny Deny Deny

The title refers to the first rule in any dopers handbook; 'if you're accused of cheating, deny it. Then deny it again. And carry on denying it until you can't', as Maitland describes in his programme notes. 

The story follows the relationship between an up and coming athlete, Eve and her boyfriend, Tom. Eve's rival on the track is Joyce who is driven to success by the sort-after and demanding coach, Rona.

As Eve strives to reach her dream of winning gold, we see her relationship with Tom fall apart as she is lured into taking a new and legal form of Gene Therapy by Rona. The highlight of this was hearing Rona tell Eve, 'You don't cross the line when you take it, you cross the line when you consider it' in reference to the offer of a little extra assistance. 

The topic of hyperandrogenism, or intersex athletes is raised, along with the win-at-all costs, Lomardian ethic that has seeped in to elite sport. This was a great opportunity to reinforce much of the A Level syllabus. 

The pupils also sampled the delights of one of London's finest Italian restaurants, Pappagone. Needless to say, every plate was cleared! Thank you to all of the pupils who represented the school so well and to Miss Lewis who supported us on the trip. 

 Reviews of the play.

Mr Morison