This term, Year 3 and 4 brought the adventures and magic of the seven seas to the Prep School Hall in their effervescent performance of Pirates vs. Mermaids. However, it appears even the seas are not big enough to house both Pirates and Merfolk. 

The audience were welcomed by pirates swarming the stage, showing their strength and might before introducing us to their Pirate School.

As we met Captain Scarypants (Alfie Morris), his confidence and charisma made it clear he was the most talented of all pupil pirates and would be the Captain upon their graduation. However Captain Scarypants had one problem…he was scared of water! What was he to do?

Thankfully Captain Scarypants had a great and loyal crew. Ace (Juniper Throckmorton), Scar (Santiago Denton-Marino) and Gangrene (Edward Shipp) all shared their own fears with Captain Scarypants but also encouraged him to overcome his fear. Ace sensibly suggested that they seek out merfolk who are expert swimmers.

In order to help Captain Scarypants become a true captain his crew treated him to a new companion. His Parrot (Kate Mills) wowed the audience as she entered striding amongst them and chatting before arriving on stage to sing a fabulous solo of ‘I’m a Parrot’. The humour and comedy was delivered expertly and even weeks later her squawks are echoed in the corridors form Nursery to the Teachers!

With his Parrot at his side, Captain Scarypants sets off to find the Merfolk. Using his ‘Aye-Aye Pad’ he managed to locate them but was greeted with a hostile and rather sassy reception. Merfolk Boss (Grace Muir) and her team of merfolk (led by Ada Cooper, Ebba Plama and Eva McAndrew) highlighted how embarrassing it was for pirates to be scared of water. The two opposing factions were clearly unimpressed but eventually came to an agreement that indeed Merfolk are better than pirates! Thus the pirates were taught to swim.

But did the pirates and merfolk ever learn to live together?

The children performed wonderfully. The rivalry between the two gangs was clear and all songs and lines were delivered clearly. The children thrived on the opportunity to perform to a large crowd both evenings.

This production was a true example of Warminster Prep at its finest: The talented cast directed by an inspirational team of Y3 and 4 teachers, Stephanie Sheppard and Lisa Crinion and our Prep Head of Music, Stephanie Collishaw, the costumes created by parents and incredible set design masterminded by our Artist in Residence, Natalie Clarke and the Prep School Prop club all came together to make a spectacular show enjoyed by all.  The audience may not have agreed on who is best: Pirates or Mermaids, but they were unanimous in their rapturous applause and aching cheeks as the curtains came down on a spectacular show.