Sixth formers celebrate the end of another year and give the Class of 2017 a big Warminster send off.

The annual Sixth Form Summer Ball is undoubtedly the most anticipated event in the Sixth Form calendar. The 2017 ball did not disappoint. Three weeks of 9 – 5 preparation by the committee, multiple daily coffee rounds and roughly a lb of glitter constituted to the fantastic aesthetic of the Gatsby themed event. The Great Gatsby was the pupil elected theme for the Summer Ball and the iconic decoration was a mammoth task. The hard work that went into the Gatsby decoration contributed to the overall atmosphere of a fantastic evening. The impressive aesthetic of the event could not be achieved without the generosity of the Art Department and the hospitality of the DT Department. It was fantastic to see how involved different departments and groups of pupils were in the entire process to contribute to the event as a whole.

The Ball took place on Friday 30 June and the weather was thankfully as beautiful as the guests. It was fantastic to see everyone so dressed up and enjoying the evening. Highlights came in the form of the interesting and jubilant state of some of the upper sixth boys; some questionable pink shoe choices; and every single girl that looked like true royalty on such a special evening.

The Lower Sixth use the Summer Ball as a fun-filled evening to celebrate their first year of Sixth Form and as a goodbye before the regroup in September. For the Upper Sixth, however, this evening is a celebration of their contributions, friendships and special times at Warminster School. Many of the Upper Sixth have spent over a decade at this institute and all of them hold this School close to their hearts. Therefore the evening would not have been complete without some teary goodbyes and emotional speeches. I’m sure that Dr Horler-Underwood felt like a proud parent as his 50ish children leave home, I have no doubt that it gets no easier over the years. This Upper Sixth have made their mark on the School and we will be missed just as much as we will miss each other.

The beautiful, hand crafted decor, fantastic company and amazing set-up by the Catering Department contributed to an unforgettable night under the silk marquee. One thing is for certain though, the final ‘hurrah’ for this year would not have been complete without Warminster’s signature friendly and warm nature that fills the grounds and co-habitants. 

Sophie Lindsay (OV17)