Proudly wearing their OV Tie: Sports Awards 2016 (Ross third from left)

One of the really fantastic things about working with the School Alumni is helping Old Verlucian’s to progress in their career beyond school. Whether it be facilitating connections, helping with work placements, careers advice or mentoring.

Ross Melia OV17 reached out to us for contact details for Stuart D’Souza OV99 and this was the result.

Ross said “As most university students will know, finding a placement for your sandwich year can be a mission. It takes a lot of thought, where you want to work, what you want to do and the company you want to work for. I am currently a second year student studying business management and marketing whilst trying to learn Arabic at the same time. For me, my placement had to fall in line with my course primarily and then as a bonus be located in a place where I can develop my language skills. Through the OV network, I have managed to achieve just this. I saw on the School Twitter account that Stuart D'Souza (OV99) was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and decided to reach out to him asking about potential opportunities for my degree in Saudi. Following an insightful chat, Stuart invited me to London for a conference called 'Opportunity Arabia' which Stuart was guest speaking at. I was able to gain a good insight into what is going on in Saudi and also discuss with Stuart what his company does. Fortunately for me they have a rolling internship for a UK undergrad and I was able to apply. I have since been offered the internship and I will be off to Riyadh next July to start work. This wouldn't have been possible without the OV network and I would like to be able to do the same for another OV in the future if I am ever in a position to be able to.  Now the pressure is on me to make sure I don't mess up…”

Congratulations Ross from all of us here at Warminster. We are absolutely sure that you won’t “mess up”.

If there are any OVs, former parents or current parents out there that can help with career advice, placement or mentoring, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Stella Aldridge, Deputy Head of Development & Alumni