We were delighted to welcome so many visitors to our October Open Morning and pleased that a wet, grey Saturday morning, did not put families off!

In usual Warminster fashion, Open Day is for each department to showcase their subject, specialist teachers and pupils. The Headmaster, addressing the visitors said, “I can say what I like about the School, but it is merely hot air unless you witness and experience it for yourself today.”  We certainly hope that visitors caught a glimpse of our wonderful Warminster community.

Head Boy, Xander Veitch, welcomed guests with his thoughts on a Warminster education.

“As I walked around the Warminster grounds on my first visit to an open day, I noticed something. I felt like I could see myself here, in the classrooms, on the pitch or in the music block. I felt that this was the next step in my development into a determined and curious young adult.   

So I joined.

I remember that first day in Year 9 as I stumbled into Mr Crinion’s classroom, nodding sheepishly when he asked whether I played any rugby; not knowing what I was letting myself in for.

I soon experienced the first thing that I think stands out at Warminster; relationships. Not just between pupils, or teachers and pupils but specifically between older and younger pupils. The sixth formers on the bus, the older members in the school bands; even when you were just looking a little lost around site, they made you feel significant and valued.

This leads me on to my next point; confidence. The warm environment here helps develop confident and kind people. Confidence in your own ability, that you can and will improve. Confidence in your own skin, in who you are. And finally confidence to fail. Because life will throw rocks at you and if you can’t cope with being knocked down then you’ll struggle to get back up again.

Whatever your academic ability, the teachers here are incredible at stretching you and helping you improve. But this attitude doesn’t just stop with work; it extends to everything else a Warminster education offers. Whether it’s a part in a play, giving a talk in church or going on a school trip; there are so many things to try and develop yourself. And if something does go wrong, it is no big deal.

A key reason I came to Warminster is because I could try everything. Warminster enabled me to work hard academically, be in the school bands and play 1st team Rugby. Getting involved in everything is easy here because you don’t need to be a specialist just to get an opportunity.

I have loved my time here. I hope it has shaped me into an independent, inquisitive and open-minded young adult. The experiences I have shared and the friendships I have made, the times of hardship and joy, what I have learnt and who I’ve learnt it with will be with me forever.

So that’s my experience of Warminster. I hope you like it.  I’ve certainly loved the 5 years I have spent here. Enjoy the day and to all the prospective pupils in the room: walk around today and think; do I see myself here? Do I feel at home?”