Willkommen bei unseren deutschen Freunden!

The Warminster Language Exchange Programme is well established and thriving, yet the most recent exchange visit was a particularly special one as it was the first ever visit from our German friends.  After a group of Year 9 pupils had travelled to the “Internat Solling” in Holzminden shortly before Christmas, the second leg of the exchange took place from 13th to 20th June here in Warminster.

All of our Y9 pupils were full of anticipation for their arrival. As a teacher, one of the best things about a language exchange is to see those initial nerves and barriers fade away almost as soon as our young pupils meet their exchange partners. A major part of our young visitors’ experience is to live with a British family and we are particularly grateful to the Warminster families who adopted, one, two or even three of our exchange pupils for the week.

It was a busy week!  The, now, traditional British-food-lesson gleaned familiar reaction to the ‘Marmite test’, our visitors having been initially advised that Marmite was ‘a little bit like Nutella!’  Another exchange pupil confirmed that mums are indeed the same the world over, as they remind you to brush your teeth before going to bed and look out for you at all times.

Not surprisingly, after an action packed week of joint lessons, trips and activities there were tears and tight hugs when we all said our good-byes as well as the promise to visit each other again very soon.  The date is already set!

Next German exchange to Internat Solling 6-12 December 2019.

Barbara Mitterrutzner​, Teacher of German