#Warmiwellbeing #Thankateacherday - a day for pupils to Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Take Notice and Give

On Wednesday 20th May, Warminster School held its first virtual Warminster Wellbeing Day. Affectionately known as #Warmiwellbeing, the day started with pupils meeting with their tutors to discuss the 5 Ways to Wellbeing – Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Take Notice and Give. Pupils were given the opportunity to add to the Wellbeing forum, describing things that they are grateful for and bring them happiness during the lockdown. Comments covered spending time with families, being in the garden and the Warminster School community itself.

At 10am, there was an announcement for the Warminster School community – the launch of the 4th Competition House. Everyone watched a rousing video by the Headmaster explaining the new House set-up. Pupils and staff were then able to vote on the new name and colour of the House. Results to be announced in due course.

Also, at this time, a beautifully moving video was sent out to the teachers from our wonderful pupils to say thank you as the day also happened to be Thank A Teacher Day. There were lovely messages of thanks, with pictures, decorations and singing. I speak on behalf of all the teachers, when I say Thank You to you all for the very kind gesture. 

Click on image to watch

During the day, pupils and staff were encouraged to take part in different activities for their Wellbeing, including making a phone call to a friend, visit a virtual museum and learn a new skill. Pupils and staff reported baking, cooking for their families, going for bike rides, practising hockey drills, reading and spending time in the garden. All of these activities were done with 1707 Radio on in the background, so a big thank you to Mr Robertson for entertaining us with uplifting and feelgood tunes all afternoon.

The day ended with pupils meeting with their tutors for a follow up session, telling each other what they had done and describing the different ways that they supported their 5 Ways to Wellbeing. Pupils and staff also added to our Warminster Wellbeing Wednesday page with blogs and photos of what they had been up to and the wonderful activities continued.

We would like to thank everyone for making the day so special. The pupils make us so proud with their enthusiasm and passion and we are very grateful for this. We very much hope that the day was a great benefit and was enjoyed by all.

We would like to wish you all a restful half term break.

Warmiwellbeing Team