Grab your golf clubs!

Orchardleigh Golf Club in Frome was the venue for the second year of Old Verlucian golf. Intrepid golfers including the Headmaster, Matt Williams, and a team of pupils made their way to the first tee.

Stuart D’Souza (OV99) our wonderful sponsor, tee’d off the proceedings with a very respectable shot and with that, Team Boniface 99 were off. The friendship of the Boniface 99ers is evident for all to see and it was great to have the addition of a new boy, James Milne-Smith this year.

Keely Beresford (OV93) and Maggie Frost (Honorary OV) toured the course on a buggy to ensure that the thirsty and hungry golfers had sustenance in the form of chocolate bars and very welcome water.

Once the golfers had all come back to the ranch we sat down for a very welcome dinner. What became apparent very quickly was that it didn't matter if you were a Verlucian, an Old Verlucian, a member of staff or indeed a Headmaster,  the camaraderie and warm feeling of the day created a chatty, laughter filled evening. With lots of memories shared and new friends made. 

The Headmaster said a few words to the assembled golfers and thanked Stuart for his commitment to the day and for his generosity. The prizes were then awarded. The Barnstormers took the winner’s prize. Simon Barnes, Steve Atkins, Greg Atkinson and Jane Close were the victors and seemed surprised, but thrilled to receive their hard won trophies.

The prize for the longest drive went to pupil, Oliver Brogden, Year 10, much to the chagrin of Director of Sport, Tim Watts, whose shot went a good deal further but had managed to completely miss the fairway! A tiny issue as far as he was concerned.

We are already looking forward to some friendly rivalry next year and our thanks to Stuart for sponsoring another wonderful day for Old Verlucians and Verlucians.

Stella Aldridge, Deputy Head of Development & Alumni