“Warminster was instrumental in ensuring that I faced the next chapter of my life with the confidence and resilience necessary for life beyond”

Arriving in Year 7, Ellie Taylor knew as soon as she stepped into the Art room and appreciated the full array of pastels, acrylics, oils and brushes, that this was to be the centre of her school life.  Louisa Clayton remembers Ellie fondly, “She showed a genuine creative flair and superb focus throughout her time at school. Her sketch books were a 'work of art' in themselves; overflowing with drawings, paintings and experimental ideas.”  As with so many of our Warminster pupils, passion for one subject often ignites another and if Ellie wasn’t standing at an easel she was leading the pack on the astroturf.  Head of Ken House, Susie Parrack, enthusiastically recalls, “Ellie was an absolutely superb Ken House Prefect and would throw herself into every activity with huge enthusiasm and her sporting prowess was legendary; our very own Victress Laudorum on several occasions!”

Ellie’s love of all things creative has led her now to her current job, working in London as a graphic designer at WRG Creative Communications. Every day she is inspired to create unforgettable unique, experiential events for a range of organisations across a diverse array of industries.

What did you study in the Sixth Form and why?

“Art at A Level was an easy choice for me as I knew from an early age I wanted to pursue a career in a creative environment but which subjects to add to that however, was a much harder decision.  Looking ahead I felt it would be really useful to continue to develop my writing and annalistic skills not least when it might come to writing essays and dissertation at degree level.  Ultimately I had thoroughly enjoyed both Geography and English at GCSE and felt the combination of these three subjects would all help to enhance my artistic mind set.”

What did you study at University and why?

“I studied Graphic Communication and Typography at the University of Reading. It’s an impressively broad topic and is relatable to all walks of life; from website and app design through to brand architecture and publications. It has provided me with an extensive skillset that can be applied across an equally far-reaching range of industries. As a hockey fanatic I was also anxious to continue my love of the sport so access to excellent facilities was also high on my list of priorities.”

How do you feel Warminster prepared you for the next step?

“I truly believe that Warminster was instrumental in ensuring that I faced the next chapter of my life with the confidence and resilience necessary, not only for University, but for life beyond too.  I developed the art of conversation and delivery through interaction with teachers, pupils and parents alike. I found the personal support throughout Sixth Form was excellent; from UCAS presentations to gap year ideas, career options and invaluable advice with our personal statements.”

“Sport was, and still is, an important part of my life and by playing regular sports fixtures I learnt the value of teamwork and determination. From getting involved with the School magazine to organising the summer ball; I learnt the importance of being able to balance responsibilities in day to day life.  In my current job as a graphic designer I work in an enormously stimulating and rewarding environment where every day is different.  My time at Warminster really helped prepare me for this type of work ethic where I am challenged and stretched daily.”

Best memories you have of the sixth form?

“Ah, so many highlights! I loved the Sixth Form - every morning walking into the common room and seeing my friends, endless laughter at lunch times and the funny moments in tutor time!  There were many memorable moments including having the opportunity to meet Olympic Gold Medallist Alex Danson when she was a speaker at our annual Sports Awards Dinner.  I vividly remember turning up for a Duke of Edinburgh trial run having remembered to pack my pink cushion and floral tent but not my sleeping bag and tent pegs!  I will also never forget the parties, our infamous hockey tour to the Netherlands, geography trips and the Sixth Form bonding weekend.  I’d love to be able to go back for a day!”

Advice and tips for current Sixth Formers?

“Ultimately, always do what you enjoy. Of course university is about the degree, but just like your school days, it’s also about the memories you make and the people you meet along the way, they will become friends for life. Make the most of any opportunities that come your way - be it getting involved with the school magazine or organising events. Be confident, get stuck in and enjoy every minute. Leaving school opens a new chapter of your lives, embrace it!”