Social media has an important place in the modern boarding model

The whole boarding community has really pulled together over the past two months.  Many of our pupils are on the other side of the world to their families and we are hugely humbled that they would entrust their most precious children to us, especially under the current circumstances.

While the pupils have had the company of their friends they have been unable to see their families for weeks on end and this is very tough for all of them, especially the younger ones.  We have done our utmost to ensure that they are kept occupied and supported in order that they don’t miss home too much.

We also know how difficult it is for families, some in completely different time zones, to keep track of what their youngsters are up to.  This is where our school and boarding Twitter feeds have come in to their own.  The reassurance it offers to parents and families to receive regular updates and photos of what is going on in the respective boarding houses and the community as a whole is invaluable.  As a boarding parent myself, I know how I used to be glued to Twitter in order to ensure my girls were busy and happy.  Especially when they were too busy and happy to keep in touch themselves!

It is so wonderful to receive feedback that all the Tweets featuring puppies, lazer tag, Forest School, colour runs and just day to day observations have made such a difference to our parents.  Social media has an important place in the modern boarding model and can have a hugely positive effect.

We will all look back on these last couple of months with a real sense of achievement and quite a bit of nostalgia.  That we have managed to make some happy memories under such difficult circumstances is a testament to what a fantastic school this is.

Sophie Saunders, Matron

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