The manuscript of the updated history of the School is almost complete and we are well on schedule for its publication. The updated history, currently being meticulously researched and written, has helped us to focus on our long and fascinating past. Intriguing anecdotes and historical facts hitherto unknown are being discovered almost daily, shedding light on the evolution of our magnificent school. 

One example of this is the link that the King family, (Nicola and Justin and their daughter Phoebe) have with the School’s founders. However, it was not until Phoebe, currently in Year 8, joined the school that her grandparents informed the family of the connection with the Longleat Estate. 

It transpires that Phoebe’s great, great grandfather’s Aunt, Lady Alice Thynne of Longleat was born at Longleat in 1863, but left Wiltshire in the 1880’s when she married into the Scottish gentry and moved north, dying in Scotland in 1942. History has gone full circle as Nicola King explains, “We are delighted that Phoebe has come to the school that her ancestors’ founded some 311 years ago in 1707. She is thriving here!"

The King’s are staunch supporters of the updated school history project. Nicola explains: 

I hope that the book will give pupils both past and present a real sense of where they come from as well as a notion of belonging, something that is increasingly hard to achieve as the pace of life continues to increase year on year. On so many levels this book is eagerly anticipated by the whole Warminster School community."

We are currently fundraising to support the publication and are delighted at the response we have received so far. If you would like to make a contribution to this project, or have a title suggestion (the previous history was simply called ‘A History of The Lord Weymouth School Warminster’), please contact Stella Aldridge

We eagerly await 'the book' which will be available on Speech Day.

Graeme McQueen, Head of Development & Alumni