This week our whole community has had to adapt to the concept of remote teaching and learning with the main focus on the academic side of life. As we move into the summer term, we would like everyone to once again embrace the wider life of the School so that we regain some balance.

The Green Zone allows the School to work towards personal development objectives by providing a wide range of co-curricular activities that help our pupils spiritual and social development, giving them opportunities to try new things, take risks and to thrive as internationally minded individuals.

Whilst we can't be physically together at the moment, it is important that these opportunities continue. In fact, this is an ideal time for pupils to suggest activities that they would like to do whilst not at school. Who knows, between us all we might come up with some new activities which we can drive forward in Green Zone when we are back together again!

I have asked pupils to suggest some activities for each of the Core Themes (Physical Health, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Personal Development) so we can put together a 'Virtual Green Zone Programme' for all pupils following the Easter break. I look forward to receiving their exciting ideas! I have had some great ones from staff already - survival skills, designing and implementing a healthy family daily menu, recording dialogues with family members and gardening being just a few!

The co-curricular team are also busy thinking up and organising some fantastic virtual plans to ensure that you don’t miss out too much on events that would have taken place in the coming weeks. I don’t want to spoil any surprises, but please watch out for announcements on Firefly, Twitter and via email. You’ll hopefully have seen the ‘Virtual Warminster Choir’ that Mrs Robinson is setting up – my girls and I can’t wait to join!

These are certainly challenging times, but they also provide us with opportunities that we might otherwise not have had!

Nicola Rogers​, Assistant Head (Pupil Development), Teacher of French & Spanish