Last Friday, Princecroft, Crockerton and Horningsham Primary Schools were treated to a fantastic matinee performance of the Warminster School Concert Orchestra & Jazz Band ahead of their tour to Paris and Bruges at half term.

With cuts to music provision and arts subjects being headlined regularly, it is brilliant that these enlightened Headteachers saw such a wonderful occasion as a priority for their pupils. The audience were enthused by the interactive element to the concert, with instrumental demonstrations, audience participation – joining in with the ‘Stamp, Stamp, Clap’ to keep the beat in the Best of Queen Medley  and the shouting of “Tequila!” at the end of each chorus in the Jazz Ensemble piece.  The visiting pupils were particularly delighted by the Disney inspired pieces, shrieking with excitement for Frozen  and The Lion King.  This dynamic energy motivated the musicians in providing a terrific performance to give inspiration to the younger children in hope that they too would be compelled to learn an instrument. One pupil in the audience strode confidently up to me to ask which channel the concerts on tour would be shown on so that he could watch them all as he had so thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon!

That evening, families and friends gathered in the Thomas Arnold Hall to enjoy the full Tour programme. As the lights dimmed and the starry backdrop spiralled above the stage, the String Quartet walked out to set the scene with an arrangement of Starlight,  originally by Muse. The choir swiftly entered to sing Nimrod  in preparation for the emotive performance to be given at the Menin Gate to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele. The Jazz Band shortly after, livened the hall with an array of flamboyant pieces including, The Chicken  and Chameleon,  propelling the audience to dance in their seats. The Headmaster, Mark Mortimer, even made an appearance on stage as he was projected on the backdrop as James ‘M’ Bond, during a powerful performance of Skyfall.   The orchestra ended the concert on a tremendous high note with a range of iconic pieces in remembrance of the musical legacies of Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury.

We look forward to telling you all about the Tour on our return!

Caroline Robinson, Director of Music