We welcomed Muddy Stilettos, the online urban guide to the countryside, to review the School.

They are well known for their unique, independent and honest school reviews.  Their informal guides give a genuine insight into each school they visit and super-useful ‘insider’ advice to parents. They promise not to give a boring fusty review!

We were delighted to welcome Sarah Frank to give us our 'Muddy Appraisal'.

The Headmaster, Mark Mortimer, said, “Unsurprisingly, I am pleased with this review, but what matters most to me is that it is authentic: it captures the School’s approach. Of course, I am grateful for the appreciation of our facilities, but more importantly, I am delighted that Muddy Stilettos took the time to get to know the School. They quickly picked up on the sense of community, our values and our educational philosophy. Developing kindness and self-confidence, while encouraging children to get stuck in, respond positively to setbacks and do the very best they can is at the heart of our purpose. I am proud that visitors to the School like Muddy Stilettos continually comment on the atmosphere, the quality of the pastoral care and the emphasis on pupils as individuals.”

Read the full review here – Warminster School – The Muddy Verdict