LGBTQ+ month at Warminster School

Encouraging our pupils to ‘be their own person’ is a core element of a Warminster education. As a member of the Stonewall School’s Champion Programme tackling homophobic, biophobic, and transphobic bullying, celebrating and embracing diversity is integrated into daily life. Listening to Mr Mears talk on diversity in assembly recently, Shirin Kriklava, our Heads-Up! Hack for Year 11, is keen to share this powerful message with the wider Warminster community.

“Warminster School is a very diverse and international place; a gathering ground for young people with similar interests and an environment to discover and expand potential. The School's staff value and treasure individuality which they advocate to pupils. But as in every school there are always minorities or people that differ from the social norms teenagers construct, which can be hard even in an inclusive place like Warminster School.

Mr Mears recently held a speech in one of our weekly church services which reminded everyone of the difficulties people of the LGBTQ+ community face and to always stay open minded and accepting, in honour of pride month. He encouraged everyone to embrace differences. He said, “Being ‘weird’ or out of the ordinary is good! Weirdness has to be celebrated!

Mr Mears and other teachers and pupils want to celebrate diversity more at Warminster; in future a group for people who identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community will be opened at the School to support those pupils. Many students found Mr Mears speech ‘inspiring’, ‘eye opening’ and ‘a relief to see this being addressed’.

The School is not only celebrating diversity and individuality this month, but every single day.”

Shirin Kriklava, Year 11 Heads-Up! Hack