The last few weeks have seen yet another busy time for the MFL department with many exciting events on offer.

Staff and pupils were treated to a special day of French themed activities, beginning with a highly entertaining French assembly, led by our very own Madame Mortimer. Years 5 and 7 had worked together in the weeks leading up to the big day to tell us the story of ‘La Petite Poule Rousse’. Then it was the turn of Years 2 and 4 who had also teamed up to recite the wonderful poem ‘Mon Âne’. Year 3 gave a fantastic performance of ‘Les trois petits cochons’ and Year 6 delighted us with their recitals of poems they had learned for the Prep/Senior poetry competition. All pupils spoke confidently and clearly in French, demonstrating their amazing linguistic skills – we are extremely proud of them all.

Bronwen Rogers, Year 5 commented “It was great fun working with the Year 7 pupils, Miss Mugridge and Miss Botineau in the Senior School”.

The French fun continued and in the afternoon we were delighted to welcome back the Onatti Theatre Company to the TA Hall. This time, they were putting on a French production called ‘Le Château’ for all our pupils in Years 3-6. We were also joined by some pupils from St Margaret’s Prep School and Princecroft Primary School.

Once again, Onatti did not fail to put on a fantastic performance – full of energy, humour and accessible French. All of the pupils were on the edge of their seats and some were even lucky enough to be chosen to get up on stage and actually be involved in the storyline!

“I loved going on stage and understood most of it!”  Bruno, Year 5.

It was fantastic to see the children roaring with laughter and following the French storyline and putting their excellent language skills to good use.

We loved the play and understood a lot. It was fun and interactive and the actors were very good at helping us understanding the French.”  Molly and Sophie, Year 6.

Following the performance, the pupils were treated to some nice warm croissants to finish off a fantastic day of French.

In the Senior School, we welcomed another group of 'World in Wiltshire' Sixth Form pupils to Warminster. The Sixth Form pupils, who spent a week at Warminster School, were chosen to come to Warminster because they have shown great dedication to their studies at home. Our pupils have, again, excelled at hosting our visitors and benefit greatly from these visits, not least by being able to use their leadership skills.

The events haven’t stopped in the last weeks of term, either! The French day at Princecroft Primary School on 14th March was one to remember. There was so much spoken French language, discussions to do with food, songs and everyday life in France. A selection of our pupils who study French together with our French exchange partners from Cognac spent the day teaching different aspects of the language and culture to Princecroft children from the age of 5 to 11. All the pupils involved from both Warminster and Princecroft interacted well together and there was a real sense of willingness to learn by the younger students. The games and fun activities delivered by Warminster pupils were received with huge excitement by the whole of Princecroft. Warminster pupils reflected on the day in such a positive manner.

Grace Garner, Scarlett Ridgeway and Imogen Brumby commented on the day:

“The French Princecroft day was an amazing experience to learn how to teach younger children and to push myself out of my comfort zone. I feel that now I have done this I will be much more confident in future events”, “I loved the sense of community. All of the children were up for learning”  and “I found teaching and interacting with the children so much fun! I would love to do it again.”

Thanks must be given to Mrs Rogers and Madame Mortimer for organising the day and for everyone at Princecroft for making us all feel welcome.

Hattie Dunn, (Sixth Form Pupil) and Miss Mitterrutzner