For the third year in a row, the MFL department has organised a Poetry Competition for lower school pupils of French and Spanish. This year was particularly exciting as not only pupils from the Senior School, but also pupils from the Prep School took part.

During the Christmas holiday pupils learnt their poems and thought of creative ways of presenting them. In January every set chose their three best “poets” to go forwards into the final, based on presentation, accuracy and delivery. It was extremely difficult for the judges to choose the best presentations as many pupils had put a tremendous amount of effort into the delivery of their chosen poem.

The Poetry Competition concluded on Friday 22nd January with the crowning of the top poets of each year in Thomas Arnold Hall.

Congratulations to the winners and runners-up of the MFL Lower School Poetry Competition 2016:

Year 5 & 6 French

  1. Tia Smye
  2. Lucy Rodgerson and Charlotte Craven-Smith

Year 7 French

  1. Johanna Dopheide
  2. Issie Morris, Anna Payne and Megan Galpin

Year 8 French

  1. Harrison Kilminster
  2. Paige Allgrove, Annabelle Jackett and Sam Howard

Year 8 Spanish

  1. Thea Knight and Milly Morgan
  2. Archie Fogg and Sky Chen

Year 9 Spanish

  1. Alfie Dackombe and Mathias Folkesson
  2. Charlie Whelan, Benjamin Pearson and Lexie Drake

We were lucky enough to experience excellent presentations from many pupils and look forward to seeing next year’s best poets!

Barbara Mitterrutzner, Teacher of German and EAL