The recent mentoring evening was a huge success with 20 parents and Alumni (OV’s) attending as interviewers, with 50 of our pupils attending to improve and work on their interview technique.

The evening consisted of a matrix of 1:1 interviews, group interviews and telephone interviews too. Terri Wilcox, Head of Careers, said “Telephone and Skype interviews are proving to be more common now in the world of work and as such, it is vital to give our pupils the exposure in practising them. The pupils found the telephone interviews an unusual experience, but one which did mean that they could have all their information at their fingertips when asked questions.  Those who experienced group interviews found them enlightening, with many of them being asked to lead an exercise or to explain how they would describe themselves and why. Doing this in front of their peers gave a certain frisson to the event and next time we are planning to video them in order to increase the range of help we offer.”

Terri continued, “Having a good CV may mean that you get the interview. How you come across during that interview, will be why you are then successful in securing the job. All Upper Sixth were asked to produce a CV, and some were better than others as you can imagine. We also had a CV Clinic, run by one of the parents with years of experience in assessing good CV’s. The pupils were given great advice on how to make a great first impression via a CV and for theirs to be the CV that catches the eye of the employer, rather than being the one that remains in the pile. I am extremely grateful to all those parents and OVs who gave freely of their time once more.”

The whole evening gave our pupils the opportunity to find out more for later interviews. The opportunity for them to recognise the skills they already have and to learn how to improve on any aspects.

Please get in touch with Terri Wilcox if you are able to assist at future events.