It was a great pleasure to welcome back our much treasured Macdonald boys, Old Verlucians from the 1940’s and 1950’s, for their annual lunch. The gentleman joined the Headmaster and Mrs Mortimer for a “fantastic feast” as one of their number described it, in Boniface Hall on the 13th May.

As usual, Alex Rall and the Catering Department surpassed themselves and Boniface Hall was soon filled with laughter and reminisces from many years ago. Julian Macdonald, son of the iconic Ian Macdonald, who was Headmaster here from 1940-1958 opened the lunch with a poignant address and Latin grace.  Mr Mortimer replied warmly on behalf of the School, whilst former actor, John Baddley rounded off precedings with a heartfelt and hilarious vote of thanks which included impersonations of masters of the past.

Special mention must go to Masaru Makimura (OV 58) who travelled from Tokyo for the reunion and is holder of the award for the furthest travelled OV tie thus far!

The Macdonald boys have kindly donated the Latin grace of the School, written personally by Ian Macdonald in old age in 1983. This wonderful addition to our archives now hangs in Boniface Hall.

Gentlemen, we are already looking forward to next year.

Graeme McQueen, Head of Development