This year’s Pre-Prep Nativity told the tale of a donkey seller (Mia Jones) and her group of rather bored donkeys. Having complained that “Nothing ever happens round here!” they soon find that business picks up once amazing things start happening in the nearby town of Bethlehem. Gazer, (Hugo Richards) is the observant donkey who notices a string of travellers passing by, all bound for Bethlehem. The donkeys are gradually bought by the travellers with Mary, (Freya Watts) and Joseph (Robin Knight) choosing the gentle donkey, Snuggle (Freddie Louth), the shepherds wanting a cheerful donkey (Sarah Titley) and the kings needing a royal donkey (Olly Cullen) to help their lame camel (Jasper Glenny) who is obviously in huge amounts of pain!

Eventually the donkey seller is so busy she falls asleep and nearly misses the special baby who has been born in the stable.  Fortunately, she is remembered by the kind-hearted Nudger (Aimee Cooke), who doesn’t let her miss out on the fun.  Comedy is added by Cheeky, (Alfie Crinion) who is always ready with a suggestion to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey or a few corny donkey jokes.

The show played to packed houses for both performances and was enjoyed by all. The two angel narrators (Lucy Cooper and Katie Evans) kept the story moving along and our new member of nursery staff (Erin George) had her work cut out bringing Nursery to sing us a carol. Their rendition of ‘To Bethlehem We Go’ was memorable not least for the variety of tunes and tempos being used! The children all performed extremely well and Pre-Prep staff are very proud of each and every one of them.

Head of Prep, Mr Titley, said “What an amusing performance. It is the unscripted moments that make it for me; the sheep rolling up the legs of her costume, the Nursery children waving at their fans in the audience, the fact that Joseph’s dancing was so enthusiastic he nearly knocked Mary for six. The enjoyment and enthusiasm was clear and made the production so memorable. It was a very easy decision to award Work of the Week to all the children in Pre-Prep this week.”

Mrs Gill Cross, Head of Pre-Prep