St Boniface is a senior boys Boarding House, accommodating boys from Year 10 to the Upper Sixth. It offers a homely and lively environment with dedicated staff who work to create a strong bond with all the boys in their care. There are three members of staff in the House whose job it is to get to know the boys really well so that they can support and guide them both in their academic and personal development. These staff have regular contact with pupils both during the school day and in the evenings; good relations are cemented through the fun and cheerful competiveness of regular house trips away from the School campus.

The House is led by Maths teacher, William Vaughan. He is assisted by Jeremy Evans, who has been a resident tutor in St Boniface for 3 years. Jeremy is a Year 7 tutor and Head of Hockey at Warminster. Mrs Debbie Evans is the House Matron and a pivotal member of the House staffing structure. She has a strong role in the pastoral care of the boys as well as being house administrator and logistics manager. If a boy is unwell during the school day it is Mrs Evans who makes sure they are cared for and liaises with the School Nurse. Mrs Evans is also a talented baker of cakes which are much appreciated by the boys.

There is a Prefect system within the House. As the boys mature they are given more responsibility and the opportunity to have a say in how the House is run.

St Boniface House itself is interesting as it is an amalgamation of three buildings, ranging from the Georgian era to the Edwardian. The boys’ rooms vary in size, from a four-bed dormitory to small single rooms. Needless to say in a building with this history, no two rooms are the same size.

The House facilities include a modern, well-appointed kitchen, two common rooms, with televisions, games machines and Wi-Fi. We are also lucky enough to have Boniface Hall forming part of the House; this means we can use the Hall for formal dinners, show films and the boys have easy access to a large interior space where they can play music or rehearse a play.