Welcome to Ivy House!

Ivy is a popular and lively house at Warminster and provides a caring and homely boarding house with a strong family atmosphere. Ivy girls enjoy a secure, friendly and happy living environment which encourages the development of well balanced and confident young ladies. Ivy is home to intermediate girls, from Year 9–Year 11, and ‘just over the stream’ in the Ivy Annexe – a quiet, secluded wing in St Monica.

Mrs Crinion the housemistress comments, “We offer a true ‘home from home’ and our beautifully decorated and appointed spaces provide lovely sleeping and communal areas. We view the girls in Ivy as an extension of our own family and our children Niamh and Alfie along with our Labrador, Honey, and cocker spaniel, Roxy, certainly believe they have a house full of lovely sisters. The support and kindness the girls offer one another is really inspiring. Our fun loving and efficient Matron, Mrs Saunders aka Mrs S, looks after the administrative side of the house and offers pastoral support to the girls during the school day from Monday to Saturday.  We also have two fantastic house tutors who live in and teaching staff are on hand every evening to offer academic support with prep.”

The girls in the house enjoy a wide range of social activities in evenings and at weekends. These include weekends away to Weymouth, beauty nights, pizza nights, barbecues, s’mores around the brazier in the snow, Mr Crinion’s famous potato wedges on cold winter evenings and Sleepy Sundays where they can stay in their pj’s and gorge on delicious pancakes cooked by our senior girls.  Days out include fun fairs, the beach, Longleat, Go Ape, ice skating and aqua parks to name a few!  The annual bonding trip to Weymouth is always a fantastic opportunity for the girls to enjoy a typical British seaside experience while getting to know one another.

“As a single serving mother, the beginning of our boarding journey was heart wrenching for me. However, the compassion and empathy displayed by the Ivy House staff allowed me to relax in the knowledge that, wherever I was, Ruby was safe and well. Ivy describe themselves as a home from home and I have to say that this was most evident in the time that Ruby was in the house before transitioning to the Senior House. She still misses Ivy terribly. Rest assured your precious daughters will be cared for in the most wonderful way.”  Lt Col Susie Hines