We are a busy independent school with pupils and staff to feed, a full calendar of school events and added to that, commercial lets during the holiday - it does not go unnoticed by our community just what our fabulous Catering Team are able to deliver each and every day at Warminster. 

Our Catering Team have an amazing 'can-do' attitude when it comes to feeding and looking after our community. They work together with the school nurse to ensure all our meals provide pupils with the nutrients and energy they require for the busy school day.  Most of our food and produce is locally sourced, reducing the School’s carbon footprint and helping local farmers and suppliers. The dishes that gain top-marks from our pupils are Warminster's chicken schnitzel to a yummy vegan chick pea and spinach cassoulet.

We provide pupils with healthy and balanced meals, topped up with snacks at break times such as soup or hot chocolate during the winter months and milkshakes or ice creams during the summer with an option of fruit at all break times. Lunches and dinners offer a choice of four hot meals, one of which is either vegetarian or vegan.  We provide vegan lunches three out of five week days (and they are proving very popular!) and on the other two days will also offer a vegan soup.  All meals come with potatoes, rice or pasta as well as steamed vegetables and an extensive salad bar which includes cold meats, fresh salads, bread and accompaniments.  We also have our popular jacket potato and pasta bar on weekday lunches, alternating between jacket potatoes with a choice of fillings and pasta with a choice of delicious sauces. Fresh fruit and yoghurt are also provided with each meal, and desserts range from a hot sponge with custard or sauce, cheesecake, muffin, cake and fresh chopped fruit.

We cater for all dietary requirements and as a method of best practice, we avoid using nuts or traces of nuts where possible. 

Katie Mines, Bursar at Warminster adds, “Our efficient Catering Team provide meals each day for over 500 pupils, 250 staff and for some of our nearby local primary schools.  On top of this, it doesn’t stop during the holidays - we have a diverse selection of visitors using our facilities and they all need to be fed.  We have a huge number of catered events from Speech Day, Cabaret, alumni events, charity events, black tie events for pupils and parents, weddings, staff events, lunches, match teas, boarders BBQs and great school meals – you name it, our Catering Team does it!  We are proud of the exceptional service our Catering team deliver for Warminster whilst keeping a clear focus on value for money.”  

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