All members of staff have a responsibility for the pastoral care of other members of the school community.

Form tutors are responsible for the day-to-day welfare and personal development of the pupils in their tutor group.

Head of House and the Head of Sixth Form are responsible for maintaining an overview of the pastoral welfare of pupils in their respective year groups by:

  • keeping personal records of pupils and ensuring that they are updated regularly
  • working with and advising form tutors when appropriate
  • keeping the Deputy Head and Headmaster informed of pastoral matters as appropriate
  • liaising with the School Nurse, school doctors, School Counsellor, parents, and outside agencies, as appropriate

The Headmaster has overall responsibility for the pastoral welfare of every member of the school community.

The Deputy Head has responsibility for the welfare of the pupils in consultation with the Head of House and the Head of Sixth Form, the housemasters/mistresses and the tutors. He also takes responsibility for staff welfare.

The School Nurse, can be consulted about medical issues or any illness that occurs during the school day. She will refer pupils to the school doctors if appropriate. She is also available to see and advise members of staff. Her surgery is in Weymouth House.

The School Counsellor, Mrs Helen Booth, is in school on Mondays from 4pm-9pm. She is available to see any pupil by appointment normally through the Deputy Head, or more informally in their boarding house. Staff are encouraged to suggest that pupils make contact with Mrs Booth to discuss individual problems. The Deputy Head must be kept informed of this as he organises the counselling timetable. Pupils may also contact Mrs Booth via her email address: [email protected]