We understand the importance of maintaining a flexible approach to boarding.

Weekly and Flexi boarding enables a pupil to board part-time – either on a weekly regular basis or just occasionally. The latter comes in especially useful when a pupil is involved in an activity which involves an early start or evening rehearsal.

We are happy to care for pupils, subject to availability, allowing them to stay overnight on an agreed number of days each week. Parents and pupils find this useful and often flexi boarders will go on to become weekly or full boarders having enjoyed the experience. Some pupils find flexi boarding especially helpful in the build-up to exams when the structured evenings and supported aspects of boarding give relief at a stressful time.

To organise flexi boarding for your son or daughter please complete the relevant boarding house flexi-boarding request form.

Please note:

  • Flexi-boarding is available for a maximum of 3 nights per week;
  • Weekly boarding is available for 5 nights a week (Mon-Friday)
  • Flexi-boarding is not a guarantee of a bed space and is subject to availability in the boarding house which may change at any point during the year;
  • If space is at a premium, a full time boarder takes priority.

Our weekly boarding fee is for 5 nights a week, Monday-Friday inclusive.  Additional boarding nights are charged at the flexi boarding rate.

Flexi boarding is usually in demand and we operate waitlists for certain houses. We will endeavour to do our best to assist families with ad-hoc boarding when necessary, but this isn’t always feasible/possible.