Today there are enormous demands on working parents and families. Wrap-around care is essential for working parents, and boarding at Warminster School delivers a simple solution in a wonderful location.

We strongly believe in the value of a boarding education and what it can provide for your child. To meet the demands of individual families we offer full and flexible boarding to fit in with family life and work commitments.

Flexible boarding allows children to enjoy the benefits of boarding school and yet be able to spend time with their families at weekends. The entire family benefits from less travelling during the week and escapes the pressures of ‘fitting it all in’.

Children enjoy a week of learning, after-school clubs, sport and the relaxed friendly atmosphere of the boarding house in the evenings. Warminster's boarding houses have their own unique personality and pupils enjoy a sense of belonging and loyalty.

Each house has a Housemaster or Housemistress (HM) who works closely with the House Matron. Along with Assistant HMs, these staff are key to the development, support and guidance of the pupils in their care. The HMs and their families help to foster a sense of the warmth and familiar routines of family life. Our aim is to create a caring atmosphere in which our boarding children feel happy, secure and comfortable. We offer every boarder a true ‘home from home’ under the watchful eye and guidance of their HM.

Throughout the academic year and over each weekend we run activities and trips aimed at enriching the pupils’ lives and their boarding experience. A sense of belonging is important in helping children develop friendships and positive relationships. Our key aim is to help our young people become confident, well-rounded individuals who have the ability to make the very best of the opportunities that life offers.

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