Beach Day

Old Vic had a wonderful day at the beach on Sunday. We had a plan to give the boys a traditional British day out with a trip to the beach involving beach cricket, fish and chips and a trip to a pier. As the day approached the forecast was for rain, but we thought 'What could be more British than the beach in the rain?' so we carried on with our plan. The boys had a fantastic time and lots of friendships were made or made stronger. The beach cricket was a fantastic success, with all boys involved thoroughly enjoying themselves, even if they had never played before!

We all had our fish and chips for lunch and almost immediately upon finishing, the heavens opened and the rain began. The pier was brilliant fun with loads of things to do and games to play. 

The boys all returned in high spirits, full of praise for the day and even cleaned the sand from the mini bus. 

Jonathan Mercer, Housemaster