Tense times for Year 8 Drama pupils

Working alongside our Heads-Up! Hacks,  members of Mrs Croot’s Creative Writing group have been keen to contribute to Heads-Up!  Jack Ballard, from Year 8, shares an insight into their latest thought provoking drama class project.

Crosshatching. Thought-tracking. Would you believe that these technical terms came from a Year 8 Drama Class?

A new project has begun in Year 8 Drama. Focusing on “Let Him Have It”, Year 8 have started to follow the tragic story of Derek Bentley, considered the victim of one of the greatest miscarriages of British justice, who was hanged for the murder of a policeman during a burglary. Miss Hunter’s Year 8 Drama Class takes us through what would have happened if they had been involved.

Everyone would have to work together. Lines would have to be perfect. All spotlights would be focused directly onto the stage. The lights would go down then, slowly, turn on, with Year 8 panicking in all directions. Miss Hunter waiting for the first line.  Everyone watching you . . .

Jack Ballard, Year 8