Learning outside of the classroom is a regular part of our pupils’ day to day curriculum. This month Sam Evans, our Year 8 Heads-Up! Hack, describes a fascinating trip our fact fuelled Lower School Lemurs embarked on.  Notebooks at the ready!

On a chilly January morning, the Lower School Lemurs piled into a minibus that took them into Bristol for a fantastic fact-finding day out! Mr Phillips and Mrs Jukes were tasked with supervising the ‘wild’ Lemurs on their adventure. The group arrived in Bristol at around 10:30am and parked by the River Frome. A short walk through Bristol took them to their first Museum, The M-Shed.

The M-Shed museum documents the history of Bristol and is split into three sections; People, Places and Life in Bristol. The Lemurs learnt all about life in Bristol in the Second World War, how Concorde was built in the area and how the bicycle was developed significantly in the city as well. These are just to name a few of the fantastic exhibits on display.

One Lemur commented, “My favourite exhibit was the Concorde Exhibit because aviation fascinates me,” whilst another said, “Learning about the schools in the 19th century was really eye-opening to me.Seeing how different schools were back then made us realise just how lucky we are at Warminster.”

After all the excitement, the Lemurs were in for a treat as lunch was booked at Pizza Express. As the hungry Lemurs devoured their pizzas, they discussed the happenings of the day so far. Soon though, they were ready to set off to their next museum.

Just a short walk up the hill brought the Lemurs to the Bristol Museum and Gallery. It consists of exhibits from bird life on the Somerset Levels to Egyptian Royalty. The Lemurs were swept off their feet with the information to process, but what an exciting way to learn being close up to artefacts preserved so carefully for us to benefit from. One pupil described the museum as “a bank of exciting knowledge.” At the end of the day, a relaxing look around the art gallery and a delicious hot chocolate brought the day to a close.

Full of knowledge, the Lemurs made their way back to the minibus. Their worksheets were full to bursting with information they had picked up during the day and were continuing to be steadily added to on the bus. All the Lemurs agreed that that day was not one to be forgotten soon.

Sam Evans, Year 8 Heads-Up! Hack