All around the world, kitchen tables have become desks, homes have become classrooms and gardens have become sports fields. In these strange circumstances, what is it like for school children and more specifically, school children at Warminster School? Adjusting to this new way of learning has not been easy for any of us for so many reasons, but there are plenty of positive things we can take away from this situation.

Time management

Being able to meet deadlines is very important and pupils are quickly learning how to better organise their time and meet deadlines.  Handing in work on time and not being late for ‘lessons’ (8×8 sessions) is a continuation of a normal school day!


Learning how to cope with distractions such as siblings and parents (!), music playing in the background, hoovers and ovens can be difficult but learning how to shut out these distractions and get on with the work is so important. It is good to have a designated workspace and a routine to follow, so you do not become too overwhelmed.

Balancing home life and schoolwork

This is tricky, but it is a must. It is not good to be spending hours on schoolwork staring at a computer screen, with no breaks or relaxation time. Set yourself time limits and stick to them. After finishing schoolwork, make sure you have enough time to go for some exercise and find an activity that helps you relax. Tidy away all of your work, clear your daily tasks on Firefly and be able to walk away. 

Stay connected

As we have to be distanced from each other, knowing the importance of staying connected with family, friends and school is essential. Enjoy writing a letter, an email, a text or phoning friends and family; it could really cheer someone up when they may be having a hard day. The 8×8 sessions have been very beneficial for pupils and teachers to connect and to continue to share in the learning journey.  If it were not for these sessions, I am sure that there would be people you would not have seen or heard from for weeks!

From this challenging and negative situation, there are so many positives things that we can take away. We have opportunities to learn more about ourselves; how best we work and what makes us more efficient. This situation will not only help us with our learning but with other aspects of our lives now and in the future.  Remember, though – we will all be back together again at school, and we look forward to seeing each other again. Stay safe, stay positive and keep smiling!

Sam Evans, Year 8 Heads-Up! Hack