The Lemur Group

Drawing on the skills of our Lower School Academic Scholars, Sam Evans, Emily Garner and Alex Moxham, Mrs Jukes, has created The Lemur Group. With a focus on challenging activities, the group now extends to 11 pupils, all drawn from Year 7 and 8. Sam Evans, our ‘Heads Up Hack’ for Year 8, takes up the story and tells us what our very own lemurs are up to.

Do you know what a lemur is? One description of a lemur is “A group of small active nocturnal animals that live in trees.”  Do you think this is typical behaviour of a Warminster School pupil? I’m not quite sure, but lemurs are great fun and are eager to learn, as are we!

You may be wondering what the Lower School Lemurs group is all about?  It is for pupils in the Lower School who are enthusiastic learners. It gives us an opportunity to share our ideas and learn from each other. This is just as important as learning from a teacher, so you can listen to different views that may even alter your own.

During the sessions in Thursday Green Zone, we enjoy lots of fun and challenging activities.  We are busy planning for a documentary we are going to make about all of the group’s interests, ranging from The Apocalypse and Extinction through to Architectural Design and Life in the Air cadets! One pupil described the group as a ‘fun, friendly place” whilst another has described it as ‘an enriching environment”.  These quotes are all the evidence you need to prove how fun the group is, and that they feel that they are valuing their opportunities.

It is a privilege to be involved with the Lower School Lemurs. Watch out for the “Lemur Spirit” throughout the School; taking the best of what life has to offer, being happy as we learn, to question and contribute to the world we live in. We hope to bring out the best in all Lower School pupils, as well as the rest of the School. If everyone in the Lower School aspired to be in the Lower School Lemurs, we would all be achieving great things.

Samuel Evans, Year 8