It’s extraordinary how the unfamiliar becomes familiar quite as quickly as it has done for the entire world over the course of just 6 months.  On a macro level for us as a school this has meant, not least, that our regular ‘virtual’ celebrations have become an accepted part of our community lives.  So, it was not with surprise that we sat down to enjoy Warminster’s first ever ‘virtual’ Speech Day (we have been wonderfully lucky to have been on the receiving end of Yellow Balloon Film's meticulous film and editing skills over the past months) but it was without doubt, with a sense of anticipation and excitement; as a virtual challenge, what were we about to witness?

For so many of us, central to the Speech Day film was the opportunity to listen to our Headmaster delivering his first impassioned address.  With events as they have been, we might have presumed that Mr Williams would focus on the tenacity and bravery shown by his staff and pupils.  His tribute was moving, highlighting the need for us all to take both strength and pride in the way we responded collectively to the unprecedented challenge over this last term.   However, it was with firm intent that Mr Williams looked to the future and presented, for the first time to us all, news of a new Warminster School vision; a focus for our entire community to refer to, providing a strategic bedrock from which we will build, expand and develop.  Every member of our community will be receiving the full document and we feel sure it will provide the solid foundations for an ever increasingly positive future for this great school.

To recount every aspect of this truly magnificent occasion would negate the enjoyment we believe you will draw from watching it in person so there will be no further ‘plot spoilers’ here!  Suffice to say that it is, as ever, an imaginative, inspirational, moving, reflective, joyful and above celebratory film to add to Warminster’s impressive media archive.  As Mrs Rogers suggests, sit back, relax (a glass of Pimms and a plate of chicken goujons are optional!) and enjoy a very special reflection on a truly remarkable year.

Lockdown has indeed done many things but for future generations, never has a school summer term been so highly documented, recorded and reflected upon to be preserved in perpetuity. 

“Life will return to something like it used to be but it’s our responsibility to make it a ‘better normal’, a better school and a better world.”  Headmaster, Speech Day 2020

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