Languages fun!

Languages fun!

Warminster School welcomed Year 5 pupils from The Avenue Primary School, Princecroft Primary School and Horningsham Primary School to take part in the event “Languages Fun at Warminster!”. Supported by Warminster School’s Year 9 pupils, the Year 5s took part in a range of activities with the aim of increasing their knowledge of other languages.

On arrival the Year 5s were presented with their very own “Language Passport” and had to present this at the “Contrôle des Passeports” before they were allowed entry into the Thomas Arnold Hall. Their passports were their guides to the day and they even had their photos taken in order to complete their identity pages.

The day was kick-started by a presentation by a group of Sixth Form pupils. They highlighted the numerous reasons why it is important to learn a foreign language, including boosting your brain power. Their short sketch (featuring a range of hats!), demonstrating the necessity of learning languages, drew many laughs.

During the day the groups took part in a French treasure hunt. Sprinting around the campus they eagerly found clues in French. They also had the opportunity to create foreign language music videos. They only had a short time to record their videos, but the standard was excellent and the Year 9s should be praised for their leadership. James Carley (Year 9) said, “it was a good experience to be able to teach a language to younger children” and Bea McIntosh (Year 9) said that she “enjoyed seeing the Primary children excited at the prospect of learning new things”.

The day drew to a close with a showcase of all the music videos. The singing in both French and Spanish, as well as the creativity of the performances, was impressive. Our judges, Esther Kirrage, Head Girl, Max Trusler, Head Boy and Mrs Rogers, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, had a tough decision to make! The group made up of Avenue Primary School Year 5 pupils won and should be especially congratulated.

Thank you to all the teachers and pupils from the primary schools who joined us for the day. We hope they left us full of enthusiasm for learning languages and with an awareness of the many doors which learning languages can open. 

Miss Georgia Mugridge
Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages